Teachers 老师介绍

Dr. Tina T. Chen

Dr. Tina T. Chen became a Christian when she was 10.  She received a personal calling from the Lord in 1990; she has devoted herself to the serving of the Lord ever since. To this date, she has received a Ph. D. degree in Clinical Psychology from Walden University, a Doctor of Ministry degree in Women's Ministry from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, two Master of Art degrees from Biblical Theological Seminary, in Biblical Counseling and Christian Thoughts; and a Master of Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Clinical Pharmacy.

Dr. Tina Chen has been practicing counseling since 1990.  She is also engaging in psychological assessment and counseling in a psychiatric center and a counseling center.  Dr. Tina Chen has been teaching counseling in various cities in China as well.  In her practice in these many years, Dr. Tina Chen has observed that people may live the most fulfilled life when they are back to the image of God; because humans are created according to the image of God.  Without touching the issue of God, no human problem can be resolved completely.  

Dr. Tina Chen is married to a passionate man who has become a pastor. Together they raised two boys; both of them are grown up young men now. Her family has been the joy and support in her personal life throughout the time.